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Elder Scrolls Online - Basic Alchemy Guide
2017-09-19 15:08
Alchemy is the Elder Scrolls Online profession that allows players to make concoctions. The materials used by alchemists are reagents and solvents. Players also need an alchemy table to mix the ingredients. Alchemy tables are easy to find in any major city. They are normally located near the crafting hub of that settlement. Both types of materials are gathered by players from the open world. Reagents are mostly plants or flowers that can be picked up by anyone. Players don't need a special skill to pick up plants. A word of advice for future alchemists is to make sure they always have room for ingredients in their bank and inventory.

Each type of reagent has four traits that are unknown the first time players come in contact with it. To be able to use that reagent to its maximum potential, players need to discover all its traits. These are discovered when using the reagent. This also includes eating it. Concoctions are a mix of two or more reagents and a solvent. If two or more reagents have the same trait, the obtained liquid will have that trait as well. Not all reagents make a good combination and some will even negate each other's effect. Players will eventually figure out what reagents to mix to obtain consumables with certain effects.

Solvents, the other type of ingredients, are also collected from the open world. The obtained concoction is either a potion (good effect) or a poison (bad effect) depending on the solvent. Solvents are harvested from bodies of water or simply picked up. The tool tip will let players know if the solvent is used for a potion or for a poison. Just like any other Elder Scrolls Online profession, alchemy has its own skill line.

Players can invest points to unlock talents that will allow them to use higher level solvents, to prolong the effect of potions when used by the alchemist, to get more potions, and to reduce the negative effects. Alchemists can craft various house furniture items if they have the crafting plan called a formula. Crafting writs are a good way to speed up alchemy leveling. These are small crafting tasks available each day and are completed in major settlements.
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