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NBA Live Mobile - How to complete Fan Favorites sets
2017-10-13 13:45
Fan Favorites sets can be earned by NBA Live Mobile players that work together with their league mates. Basketball player cards obtained from these sets will be of great help in head to head matches. If users assign such a player to their team, they will increase the number of obtained fans. There are seven Fan Favorites sets. Two of them are repeatable while the remaining five can be completed only once.

The Gold Fan Favorites set is one of the repeatable ones. Players need to first acquire tokens by completing league achievements. These are obtained through player cooperation. When players have obtained three of these tokens called Fan Favorites collectibles they can complete one gold set. The reward is a gold or better Fan Favorite basketball player card. The second repeatable set is called Elite Fan Favorites. This one is completed with gold players obtained from the previous set. Players need 10 Fan Favorite gold players to get one elite player. The next five sets can only be completed once.

The Knicks Fan Hero set gives players a 99 OVR card. The card depicts Patrick Ewing. To get this card, players will need 15 elite players and the Kristaps Porzingis 96 OVR card. The Trail Blazers Fan Hero set reward is Clyde Drexler. The card has 96 OVR and gives 15% more fans from head to head matches. Players will need four elite program players and 93 OVR Terry Porter to get the reward. The reward for completing the Magic Fan Hero is Penny Hardaway 96 OVR card. It takes four elite players from this program and the Bo Outlaw card to get Hardaway. The Celtics Fan Hero is Paul Pierce. The requirements are the same as with the previous sets and the needed player is Brian Scalabrine. The Lakers Fan Hero basketball player card is Nick Van Exel. Four program players and Mark Madsen are needed for this set. All player cards obtained from the Fan Hero sets give the 15% fan boost and have 96 OVR.