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What You Need to Know About the Outfit System of ESO
2018-02-28 19:43
The outfit system is one of the major Elder Scrolls Online additions introduced in Update 17. From now on, players will be able to alter the appearance of their Elder Scrolls Online Items. This is a cosmetic feature as only the appearance is changed. Players will notice that dye stations are now called outfit stations. These are found in major cities. It's also possible to have one in a house. All seven pieces of armor and the two weapons can have their appearance changed at an outfit station. 

It's very easy to use this station. Three main options are available: Dyes, Armor Styles, and Weapons Styles. The second option has seven sub-options corresponding to an equipment slot. When a certain style is selected, all available styles for that piece of armor or weapon are displayed. Player just have to select the one they wish to use. They can preview styles before making a final selection. The Apply Changes button is used to finalize the outfit. Several filter options are available so players can easily find the desired style. They can filter the styles by type (light, medium, or heavy). Players can apply a style no matter of its type. For example, medium armor can be made to look like heavy armor. The Show Locked option comes in handy as players can see the styles they've not yet obtained. Outfit styles are based on motifs and are available account wide. After the update, players will notice that all known motifs are in the Collections under Outfit Styles category. 

Elder Scrolls Online Gold is spent when applying the appearance change to an equipment slot. The cost depends on the size of the slot, the rarity of the applied style, and the use of dyes. It's not cheap to customize gear. Players will pay from a few hundred gold per slot to thousands of gold. The cost is displayed when previewing the customization. There is another way that allows players to save gold. They can buy outfit tokens from the crown store. A token is good for one complete customization that includes all slots for weapons and armor. 

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