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Elder Scrolls Online – Five Reasons to Play Imperial City DLC
2018-03-28 15:29
Access to Imperial City. The capital of Cyrodiil, the Imperial City is an Elder Scrolls Online zone where fighting goes on 24/7. Players fight for their alliance. They also battle against the Daedric forces and their followers that want to gain control over the city. The Imperial City is a six districts zone that has a bit for everyone: PvE, PvP, quests, and more.

Daedric story quest. The primary story quest in the Imperial City involves Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince that is behind the Elder Scrolls Online main story. His realm is Coldharbour which is also the spawning place for new players. This prince that likes nothing more than to torment Tamriel inhabitants, has his eyes set on the Imperial City. Players must drive out his minions and his presence out of the heart of the Empire. Characters of great importance for the Elder Scrolls lore are met while questing in the Imperial City.

PvE dungeons. Players that unlock this Elder Scrolls Online DLC get to explore two new dungeons filled with various enemies. Groups of four adventurers will join forces and step into the White-Gold Tower and into the Imperial City Prison. Players will fight their way through Daedric enemies to reach the end bosses, defeat them, and collect their treasures.

PvP dungeon. This is a public dungeon where players fight against mobs but they must also watch out for players from other alliances. The Imperial Sewers is a PvP zone. Tel Var Stones that are used as currency for all sorts of Elder Scrolls Online items are found here. These stones are dropped when players are defeated in PvP and other players can loot them. The Imperial City is the content addition that marks the introduction of this system.

Achievements and collectibles. Besides all these content additions, the DLC comes with new achievements and collectible items and ESO gold buy. There is a racial motif, Xivkyn, that is available to those who have the DLC. There are pets, mounts, and costumes to be collected as well. Crafting passives and racial motif styles are available. The DLC is unlocked by buying it with crowns or as part of the premium subscription.

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