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Elder Scrolls Online - Jewelry Crafting Preview
2018-04-25 13:13
Jewelry crafting is one of the features that will be available in Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. This is a new game expansion set for release in June 2018. Jewelry crafting is a profession that deals with the creation and improvement of rings and necklaces. Existing professions allow players to craft armors of all types and weapons. When the expansion is released, players will also be able to create jewelry to enhance their strengths and customize their play style.

The new profession will have the same structure as the old ones. A new skill line that allows players to invest points and to specialize in the crafting of jewelry will be added. It will take time to master jewelry crafting. Based on what was revealed about it so far, players must complete end game activities and unlock all abilities in the skill line in order to be able to make the best items. Acquiring materials will require traveling all over the world. As it is now presented, the new profession seems to cater to max level players.

Just like other professions, jewelry crafting makes use of stations. Players will be able to craft Elder Scrolls Online items at these stations but also refine materials, deconstruct items, research traits, and upgrade items. The materials used for jewelry crafting are gathered from seams. Based on their character and profession level, players will be able to extract pewter, copper, silver, electrum, and platinum. Item deconstruction works similar to other professions. Players may obtain raw materials that need to be transformed into useful materials by refining them. Traits will allow players to boost magicka, HP, stamina, resistance (spell and physical), enchantments, speed, synergies, and dealt damage.

Upgrading an item improves its quality. There are four upgrade stages and each one requires a different material. Terne is the material for green upgrades. Iridium is the one for blue. Zircon is used for epic. Chromium is needed for legendary. Writs for jewelry crafting will be available. Players need to own the Summerset expansion and enough ESO gold cheap to learn how to craft jewelry.

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