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Free Update of FIFA 18 Comes to Play As If You Were in the World Cup
2018-06-02 10:44
As of May 29, a few weeks before the curtain rises in Russia, FIFA 18 players will be able to download a free content update that includes access to 32 teams from different competing countries, as well as 12 Russian stadiums.

What will the update contain?

You will be able to use the equipment in a variety of modes, including "online friendly matches" and "online tournaments", as well as a customized tournament option that allows you to play with any national team, against "unqualified nations", such as the United States and Italy, or any other team of your preference that you would have liked to see in the World Cup, but could not classify.

The popular FIFA 18 Ultimate Team will also receive special "dynamic player elements", as well as the participation of "icons", famous players throughout the history of the World Cup.

The update will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and even Nintendo Switch, so you can play as the national team of your country while you are sitting comfortably in your chair, or where you want to take the fun.

It's refreshing to see that Electronic Arts is not forcing players to buy a completely different game to enjoy the content of the FIFA World Cup, which seems to reflect the company's changing approach to its sports games. By providing free updates to existing games and improving them over time, EA can keep its players united, interested and loyal to the brand, while eliminating the need to spend $ 60 for some small improvements every year.

FIFA Soccer players on mobile devices will also be able to participate in the World Cup action on June 6 with their own update. The 32 qualified teams can be played in the tournament, and with the last season of the game you will also have access to the icons to help your team. The base game is available for free on iOS and Android devices, and offers in-app purchases. The Elder Scrolls Online gold are available for all platforms too. Follow us to get more latest update of hot video games!  

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